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Bruce St.John Maher is a glass bead artist & and antique stained glass restorer & conservator in California. His glass art work is nationally and internationally known.

Bruce Maher glass beads are worn by many, are collectible beads, and are used in beadworking and jewelry. Sold to vendors and dealers.

Lapidary Journal, "Bead and Button", Ornament Magazine, have featured articles on Bruce Maher artwork. Maher glass beads are created using dichoic glass & other materials, often using fusion glass process & lapidary tools. Glass art by Bruce Maher consists of individually hand crafted scarab beads, scenic landscape beads, and dichroic optics, as well as ladybug earrings, scarab earrings. Landscape beads are also created as lovers tokens (pairs).

Bruce also has 30 years experience in cutting of opal & precious gems. Bruce Maher landscape beads make great gifts for others or for self.