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Bruce St John Maher is a glass artist and designer born on Halloween during the middle of the 20th century.

His work with glass was inspired by his grandparents and much of his expertise has been learned from studying ancient glass working techniques and from experimentation. From all of his years of work he has acquired national recognition for his work on private collections.

Today, his learning continues. From within his home and studio, nestled within the redwood forest, he creates new and unique glass beads and other glass artwork. Often his pieces are a result of someone having said "it can't be done." For Bruce a challenge is not an obstacle.
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Many evenings and nights are spent meticulously applying details by hand to each piece, each one being special, as he hopes that it will become something special for its owner... something in which to help keep memories of someone or something that is special.

A man of many experiences and diverse knowledge, his stories can keep you interested for hours. Often showing a sense of humor expressed with a laughter of his own, it may take a while to get to know him as he normally keeps a quiet life.
maher_house2.jpg - 45163 Bytes Yet with all of the many hours he puts toward his art creations he still finds time to help others and is presently trying to help his community preserve the natural environment.

How does he do it all? How does he make them? Oh, some things have to stay as secrets don't they? I will tell you, though, that his favorite color is "clear". And if you happen to meet him at a show you just might wander away afterwards wondering "Who was that masked man?"

On occasion you may also discover some of the creative cuttings of precious gems (especially opals) which he has created. His experience with carving opals and gems spans over three decades.

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