Privacy Policy

  1. We collect personal information only if you permit us to collect it.
  2. We use your personal information for the following purposes.
    • to responded to your enquiry;
    • to communicate regarding your order, invoice, or account;
    • to fulfill your order or other request;
    • to list you (if you desire) as a vendor or link upon this site.
  3. We may share appropriate information with a bank, a courier, or agent as required to complete a transaction or order, or for delivery usage, only when they follow our practices.
  4. Personal information is not shared with any third parties except if required by law.
  5. Personal information will be modified or removed within reasonable limits and time after receipt of your request.
  6. We do not send advertisments or make any solicitations.
  7. Standard web visitor non-identifiable information such as IP number, referrer, browser (user agent) is used for site maintenance. It does not contain personal information.
  8. This web site does not use cookies.
  9. Disputes will be resolved by domain owner, or by an independent organization, or by court or legal means; listed in order of priority and preference.
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